16 Sep 2019

Why You Should Consider Installing Panel Blinds in Your Home

by John

After making the decision to purchase new blinds for your home, you may realize that there are actually a number of different options open to you. It is important that you take some time in making your decision, ensuring that you make the best choice for the requirements and the appearance of your home. It also wouldn’t hurt to consider a number of other factors in making your decision, including affordability, efficiency, sound control and privacy of the blinds. These can help to ensure that your choice is a good one.



But what are the advantages of installing panel blinds in your home, apart from the fact that they make a very functional window covering for floor to ceiling sliding glass? Fortunately, making this sort of decision will afford your home a number of benefits that it would not otherwise by able to enjoy.

  • Variety - One of the first advantages that you will be granted is a wide range of choices. We design and create custom panel blinds to your exact specifications – this ensures you can enjoy a finished product that perfectly complements your home and personal taste.
  • Light –These blinds can be stacked on top of each other when open, allowing maximum natural light to penetrate the room. When closed, they offer excellent light control, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Privacy – When closed, panel blinds are able to provide your home with the utmost in privacy. When you’re trying to enjoy your night at home alone or you’re trying to put your children to bed for the night, you will be able to do so without feeling like the neighbours are looking over your shoulder.
  • Durability – These blinds are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, which ensures that they will be able to last you many years without issue. The durability of these products also ensures that children and pets are less likely to damage the panels or the cords that are used to open and close them.
  • Sound – If noise pollution is a problem for your home – perhaps you like to regularly hold gatherings, or you live on a busy road – these blinds are able to form an effective barrier between your home and the outside world. In addition to controlling noise pollution, the installation of panel blinds can also offer a layer of insulation for your interior.
  • Clean – The great thing about panel blinds is that they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is run a dampened sponge or cloth along each of the blades every so often. For fabric blades, you can simply run your duster or your vacuum along both sides whenever you have it out.

As you can see, the installation of panel blinds in your home will provide you with a number of benefits that would otherwise be unachievable. If you are interested in any of the above advantages, please reach out to our team – Amaru can provide advice on the best options on the market for your application and is happy to provide a free measure and quote at your convenience. Call us on 1300 362 670 today.