05 Mar 2018

Ready Made Versus Custom Made Blinds And Plantation Shutters

by John

Many homeowners question why they should purchase custom made blinds and shutters when they could buy ready made ones instead. Whilst that is certainly an option, it is important that you’re aware of everything involved to ensure that you’ve made the right choice for your needs. We’ve broken the information up into 4 main points to remember when comparing custom plantation shutters and blinds with ready made ones.


  1. Price
    • Ready Made – It is a well known fact that this is the cheaper option, however, remember that the price can say a lot about the product. Most ready made window furnishings are made overseas, where the manufacturer standards are different to those in Australia.
    • Custom – The more expensive option, these window furnishings are generally made in Australia (so you can rest assured that you’re supporting local businesses) and the products will meet all relevant Australian standards and regulations, too.
  2. Installation

    • Ready Made – These window coverings are quite easy to install, if you know what you’re doing and have done your research. One mistake can be costly – all it takes is for a hole to be drilled in the wrong spot and the dollars will start adding up.
    • Custom – Custom made blinds and shutters are even easier to install because you don’t have to do anything! The company you’ve purchased them from will handle the installation for you – you’re paying for their experience and reliability to ensure a professional finish.
  3. Quality
    • Ready Made – We know that it all comes down to the materials when keeping prices down. It’s a well known fact that products are cheap because they use poor quality materials – unfortunately, it means that these sorts of furnishings rarely go the distance.
    • Custom – These furnishings, on the other hand, will really go the distance and last for many years to come – plus they’ll have a warranty. Even just some of materials in use will come with their own warranty, so you can rest assured that the manufacturer has faith in the product.
  4. Presentation
    • Ready Made – The coverings can be the main feature of a room, which is why presentation is an important aspect. Whilst they can look great, if they’re badly fitted to the window they can have the opposite effect. The range of fabrics and colours is also often limited.
    • Custom – The main reason that custom plantation shutters and blinds even exist is their presentation. They have a perfect fit every time and always look amazing. The range of fabrics and colours is seemingly endless, allowing you to find your perfect match.


We hope that the information provided above has given you a better idea of whether ready made or custom made blinds and shutters will best meet your needs. Whilst there isn’t really a wrong answer – it generally comes down to a matter of personal preference – it’s important that you’re armed with all the right information prior to reaching a decision. Personally, we feel that custom plantation shutters and blinds are the better choice.