13 Mar 2013

A Guide To Choosing Colours For Modern Shutters

by John

If you have been looking for an interesting way to show off the architecture of your home or to add a splash of colour to the windows, you might be interested in the installation of modern shutters. Choosing an appropriate colour for these shutters, however, often proves to be quite a problem for homeowners and many of them end up making the wrong choice.

  • Consider the colours that are available through the manufacturer. If you need to, ask for some colour samples that you can use to test out the colour against your home.
  • Consider the material that the shutters have been manufactured out of, as they may not even need a colour (especially if they are timber). If they are aluminium, however, they will need to be painted.
  • Consider the style of your home. If you have more of a rustic décor, you might just want to stain some timber panels. If you have gone for more of a contemporary look, colour may be needed.
  • Consider the quality of your modern shutters. You can use lighter colours to hide any bumps and imperfections, whereas dark colours are used to show off their texture.
  • Consider the existing colour of your home, as choosing a contrasting shade will add drama and a similar shade with add subtlety. You might also consider your neighbours homes.
  • Consider the classic look of having your shutters painted the same colour as your doors. This should be a different hue to that of your walls and trim and is perfect for creating contrast.
  • Consider your favourite three to five colours and ask for samples of each of them. Position shutters around your home and paint a small patch on each to see how each colour works.

When making your selection, it is important to keep in mind that colours will react very differently to the elements. Red, for example, is known for fading much faster than other colours, whilst yellow is known for staying bright for a long time. Keep this sort of information in mind when choosing a shade for your modern shutters.