13 Jun 2018

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vertical Blinds

by John

Vertical blinds have the slats (or vanes) run up-and-down instead of horizontally left-to-right, as they do in other window furnishing styles. As such, they’re the natural choice for sliding doors and rooms with wide window expanses that are notoriously difficult to cover. If you’re considering these blinds for your home, we’re here to share 5 things that you may not know about them:


  1. The slats can be chained or chainless
    When we think of these blinds, we often envision the more traditional slats – which are connected at the bottom via a series of plastic chains that are supposed to keep them together. Did you know that there is a modern alternative in chainless slats? They are generally weighted at the bottom and are a far safer option for children and pets.
  2. Range of slat sizes available
    Many people are surprised to learn that the slats are available in more than one size. Whilst slats that are 127mm wide are the most popular option (due to there being less obstruction to your view and their suitability for large windows), slats that are 89mm wide are also available (which have a modern look and fit neatly into recesses).
  3. Range of opening combinations available
    Did you know that there is a variety of ways to open and close your vertical blinds? Choose between child safe wand (twist to open and close the slats, drag to open and close the whole furnishing) and cord control (one cord to open and close the slats, another to open and close the whole furnishing). The slats can bunch wherever you like on the window.
  4. Hide the track using a pelmet
    If you’re the sort of person who thinks the track is quite unsightly, it’s possible to completely hide it from view using a pelmet. This will provide a more streamlined, designer look to your blinds. Pelmets are available in a wide variety of colours, ensuring that you’re able to find one that best complements the colour of your slats.
  5. They provide an illusion of height
    Over the years, we have seen a lot of homeowners with lower ceilings opting for these blinds. This is because their vertical lines can help a room to feel taller – particularly if it has large window expanses (bonus points if they’re floor to ceiling). If you’re worried about a room feeling too small, we highly recommend giving this window furnishing a go.


We hope that you’ve learnt something about vertical blinds today, particularly if you’re thinking about having them installed somewhere in your home. Whilst a lot of homeowners have previously written these window furnishings off as being ugly and outdated, it’s important to keep in mind that there are plenty of modern alternatives to choose from.